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July 29, 2014
ABA Journal
Consumer activists seek to challenge ‘protectionist’ funeral laws
If you're alive, you may not realize that a quiet revolution is happening in the funeral industry ...   More

July 28, 2014
Wall Street Journal Live
Untangling Hair Braiding Regulation
IJ Attorney Paul Avelar on why he's suing the government to ease burdensome licensing regulations on natural hair braiders ...   More

July 28, 2014
Associated Press
Lawsuit says animal massage isn't vets' work
Animal massage therapy is not veterinary medicine, insist a group of Arizona animal massage therapists who are suing the state ...   More

July 24, 2014
Are Louisville food trucks making the grade?
It was one of the most talked about WAVE 3 News investigations in years -- food trucks: clean or dirty?   More

July 23, 2014
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Milwaukee Common Council unanimously lifts cap on taxi permits
With hopes that taxicab service will expand and improve ...   More

July 22, 2014
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Council action would open new era for taxis, ride-sharing in Milwaukee
Milwaukee is poised to enter a new era of public passenger transportation ...   More

July 21, 2014
Huffington Post
City Rules Lure, Push Away Food Truck Flavors
In Los Angeles, food trucks are heralded as "the new incubators of culinary innovation" ...   More

July 18, 2014
9th Circuit Avoids Reviewing WA's Unconstitional Recall Contribution Limits
Bill Maurer, executive director of Washington's Institute for Justice, joins host David Boze to talk about the ruling.   More

July 14, 2014
LI police departments boost coffers through asset forfeiture
Long Island's two county police departments ended last year with more than $31 million in their coffers from cash and property taken through the use of asset forfeiture ...   More

July 11, 2014
The Orange County Register
D.C. could use a guide to First Amendment
A couple of months ago, these pages related the story of Tonia Edwards and Bill Main ...   More